Montoursville Area School District Foundation

The mission of the MASD Foundation is to seek, to generate, and to promote funding to enhance the educational experience of our students and residents.  It provides otherwise unfunded opportunities for students and residents served by the Montoursville Area School District. Additionally, it will help our students further their post-secondary education by providing scholarship help.  See below Donations the events we sponsor.
Contributions in any amount will benefit the charitable goals of the Montoursville Area School District Foundation. Gifts may be made using a variety of methods including:

  • Cash/Checks
  • Bequests via wills or living trusts
  • Gifts of appreciated assets (stocks, bonds, etc.)  
  • See "Related Link" below to use a credit card
  • Donate via your current PayPal Account (or create a new PayPal Account)



  *Please use the donor form on the related link below to help contribute to your local school district if you are not using PayPal or a credit card.*

For questions regarding the Foundation or if interested in contributing, please contact:
Keevin Larson, President MASDF
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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School District Members
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Guest Member
Deb Cillo
The objectives of the Foundation will be to:

  • Promote student development through enriching programs and activities
  • Encourage young people to strive toward excellence by offering scholarships to graduates of the Montoursville Area School District
  • Encourage creativity among staff by supporting unique growth opportunities
  • Encourage school/community/business partnerships by promoting community awareness about school programs, providing ways for individuals and organizations to share resources with the school to enhance learning and facilitating cooperative ventures among the Foundation, School District, and community groups
  • Receive, raise and administer funds and assets outside of traditional school funding sources to reinforce and supplement the goals of the Montoursville Area School District

A sample of projects funded:

  • Mobile Ag Science Lab
  • Artist in Residence Program - East meets West Performance
  • TurningPoint Audience Response System
  • "Bodies: The Exhibition" - New York City (High School Students)
  • Music Recording Computer Program